telling your story.

We connect to those around us through the stories we share. Connectivity is part of who we are as humans, and stories are a way that we share our deepest moments of joy and sorrow. Documenting life’s biggest moments give future generations an opportunity to be part of your story.

why we tell stories.

We have a passion for telling gospel-centered stories. Our greatest desire through Beloved Films is that your friends and family not only see, but feel the story that God is writing through you.

our work.


our team.

Life isn't about what you do, it's about who you are. We began shooting together three years ago, and when we met, we knew right away that this was a life long friendship that God had intentionally orchestrated for more than filming weddings.
It's easy to get caught up in what you do, while forgetting about who you are. We started talking and praying about shooting under one name in Summer 2018. With other priorities on both of our plates, we weren't sure what the future of wedding videography looked like for us. As we continued to shoot together, and pray about the idea of one wedding company, God began to speak to both of us separately about this idea, and so, we launched Beloved Films. (If you're interested in the longer story, we'll tell you over coffee!)
Yes, we both love being part of weddings and creating films that couples can watch to relive their wedding day, but to be honest, we're not attached to being wedding filmmakers. Life with Jesus is an adventure, and we wouldn't be surprised if he pulled us in a completely different direction, away from weddings one day. Our lives aren't about what we do, it's about who we are — and who we are, is beloved in Christ.

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